Reasons Why You Should Trade With Bitcoin System

Superior Performance

We offer sophisticated AI-driven tools to help you trade the bitcoin cycles. The tools are best suited for implementing powerful HFT techniques. Our clients report great success implementing the HFT strategies.


Easy to operate

The dream of our founder is to make profitable bitcoin trading accessible for all. Bitcoin is all about financial inclusion. The Bitcoin System platform allows the masses to easily participate in crypto HFT trading. We make technical trading easy for all.


Safe and Transparent Trading

We are committed to giving you the best crypto trading services. That’s why we always prioritize transparency and safety. We ensure top transparency by offering a blockchain-driven trading ecosystem. Such an ecosystem ensures that all transactions are transparent and disputes are avoided by running all agreements in smart contract technology.


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Bitcoin System Features


Built for Beginners

The Bitcoin System tools have earned a huge following in the passive online income community. This is because they make crypto trading a breeze for beginners. Our tools will not only make your crypto swings trading journey easy but also fun. We offer the resources you need to successfully use the Bitcoin System tools.


High-Frequency Trading

The HFT trading technique is known for delivering amazing trading results. This technique is what George Soros used to break the bank of England in 1992. It’s also what Navinder Sarao used to earn billions of dollars within minutes and cause a stock market flash crash in 2010. We are the only platform that offers tools for HFT trading.


Partnership with Quality brokers

You can only use our trading tools through a matched broker. These brokers are our link to the global liquidity pools. You need high liquidity to use the Bitcoin System tools successfully. The best liquidity pools allow instant order placing, eliminating the risk of negative slippage.


Bitcoin as a Currency and Tradable Asset

Most people perceive bitcoin as an investment asset. However, this digital currency was founded to take the place of fiat money as a unit of account and store of value.

The bitcoin journey began in 2009 when an unknown person by the pseudonym of SATOSHI NAKAMOTO published a paper titled a P2P Electronic Cash System. The whitepaper introduced a new currency that would replace the globally centralized fiat money system.

According to the whitepaper, the solution to the global financial problem, including financial recessions, would be solved by blockchain-based digital currency. The digital currency was named bitcoin. Unlike fiat currencies, bitcoin would be free from the influence of government policies.

Moreover, transactions through bitcoin could happen without financial intermediaries. Digital currency would eliminate the dependence on banks and other financial institutions by enabling transparent P2P transactions. Bitcoin was introduced at a time when the world was experiencing turmoil following the massive global recession of 2008.

According to SATOSHI NAKAMOTO, the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis resulted from the failure of the US Federal Reserve and WST investment banks. With bitcoin, financial recessions triggered by the failure of centralized institutions would become a thing of the past.

The first bitcoin was sold in October 2009 through a new Liberty Standard (NLS) exchange website. This website is known as the world’s first crypto exchange. The digital currency traded for under $1 until 2011.

An investment of 1 USD in 2011 was worth nearly 65,000 USD in December 2011. The digital currency has recently experienced a massive price correction and lost half its value. However, it’s bound to bounce back and could trade past 100,000 USD by 2023. Analysts at leading investment banks claim that bitcoin is yet to reach its take-off stage. The take-off stage will reportedly push its value to over 1 million USD per coin. If this is the case, those who invest now and hold will make amazing profits.

Bitcoin has also gained amazing milestones as a store of value and unit of account. Many corporations have accepted it as a mode of payment. Examples of companies accepting bitcoin as a payment method include Microsoft, Etsy, Starbucks, Newegg, Home Depot, and Whole Foods. Many more are likely to join the bandwagon when bitcoin volatility stabilizes.

Bitcoin Volatility is rising – Is this the Time to Invest?

Bitcoin volatility has remained super volatile since the beginning of 2023. The daily price swings have risen dramatically in the last few weeks. Bitcoin has lost more than half its value in the last five months. Most of the losses have happened in the last three weeks.

The losses are attributed to the unfolding stable coins crisis. However, analysts admit that the decline is short-lived. Bitcoin is likely to adjust to the volatile stable coins and rebound dramatically in the next few weeks.

Most experts recommend that investors should take advantage of the current dip and buy. However, the crypto markets have shown a high degree of unpredictability in the past. This means that nothing can be guaranteed. Consequently, buying the dip with the expectations of rebounding prices is super risky.

The best way to invest today is by trading the bitcoin price swings. Price swings trading involves the use of derivatives known as CFDs. CFDs allow traders to make money from all volatility, including gains and losses. A good volatility trading program should maintain profitability in all volatility events.

Price-swing trading is sophisticated and requires high-speed research and order execution. This explains why HFT trading systems are so successful in price swings trading. The Bitcoin System HFT trading tools are the best for price swings trading.

We connect to high-liquidity brokers to ensure that the orders generated through our trading tools are implemented instantly. This eliminates the risk of negative slippage and maximizes all trading opportunities. Bitcoin System uses HFT techniques to trade bitcoin dips and gains. Try us now through the registration link below.


Trading with Bitcoin System

We are proud of the milestones we have achieved since launch. Bitcoin System was introduced in the market in 2015. The platform went viral within the first three months of launch. By the end of our first year, we were already serving a base of over 100,000 users.

Our trading system’s popularity went through the roof in 2017 after emerging as the best in the crypto volatility trading category. Tens of thousands of our clients attained great success in the 2016/2017 crypto boom. We have maintained the top-performing position thanks to our powerful crypto CFDs trading tools.

Bitcoin System tools are the best for betting on bitcoin price swings. We have an amazing track record, with most claiming that our trading tools have improved their trading success by a huge percentage. Our research team is always on standby to identify the latest developments in the crypto industry and update the tools to maintain performance.

Trading with our tools should be a breeze if you are patient enough to learn about the risks and adjust the settings to fit your risk appetite. Watch the video explaining the Bitcoin System’s settings and the risk control process carefully. You will receive a link to a demo account upon completing the signing up. Use the link to visit the demo and use it to test the settings before going live.

We have invested in a demo platform that perfectly simulates the live trading platform. You should dedicate enough time to trading preparation before going live. All crypto trading is risky and best suited for investors with a high-risk appetite. Use our risk appetite test to evaluate your risk appetite and determine the level of risk per trade that suits your risk appetite. We will connect you to a dedicated account manager to help you with the risk evaluation process.

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